Do I need to wrap or cover my furniture?

In our pricing wrapping and covering of furniture is included

Do I need to box smaller items up?

Please be sure to box up all smaller and fragile items. Any items excluding bigger furniture.

Do I need to move items into the middle of the room?

No, you can leave furniture in the room as is.

Should I be home at time of move?

Yes, you will need a representative home to assist in placement of furniture.

When should I call a moving a company?

The earlier the better. We would like a couple weeks notice to ensure your desired moving appointment.
Last minute moving is available, however to ensure time call ahead

When is payment collected?

we collect deposit before hand. Then remainder of payment is collected at the completion of the job.

Is there a up charge for services on weekends?

Our prices are the same every day of the week.

how is pricing broken down?

We charge an hourly rate. That rate will vary depending on how many crew members are needed for the job

Can I leave clothing and other items in drawers?

We would prefer all clothing and other items removed from drawers before moving. This will ensure the safety of your items in transportation to destination. Some items have to be positioned in the truck and extra weight from items can damage furniture.